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Moorlehrpfad Penken

Route length: 10km

The Moorland Educational Path can be found at 1,800 m above sea level, leading you through alpine pastures and bog land from Penken to the Schrofenalm. 

Swampy moor lands, such as the Niedermoore along the edge of the Moorland educational path, rank in Austria as an endangered habitat. Informative display boards inform about the variety of plant species and the wild life in a wetland area. The trail describes the development and importance of the so-called lowland moors, which are produced when an area turns to swamp. Very typical vegetation (many protected and endangered species) lives in harmony with these moors.

Route: Start at the middle station Penken walk to the Finkenberg Almbahnen (cable car). From here you start with the Moorland Educational Path.  At 1,800 m, along the hiking trail from Penken to Schrofenalm, you'll find the moors embedded in Alpine meadows. Descent to Tux-Vorderlanersbach.